In September 2006, 33 year old Callum Finney returned from honeymoon. Two weeks later he was diagnosed with Peripheral T-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Callum underwent intensive chemotherapy in Ward 6 of the Borders General Hospital and by April 2007 was in complete remission.
His courage throughout difficult treatment inspired his wife Audrey, sister Denise and a small group of friends to start fundraising under the banner Lymphoma Support. The monies raised were donated to Ward 6, improving computer access facilities for patients undergoing similar cancer treatments to Callum.

Eighteen months later Callum relapsed. He found the courage to allow the disease to take it’s course and he passed away on December 6th 2008.
Callum’s personality, friendship, sense of humour and stubbornness in difficult times became an inspiration to all who knew him. His wife, sister and friends decided to continue in the true spirit of “The ginger Prince”; establishing Callum’s Trust to make a real difference to cancer patients in the Scottish Borders.
And so Callum’s Trust was born!
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